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Working at the intersection
of foresight and strategy,
I help businesses navigate
and capitalise on change.

Katharina Michalski

I Do 

I'm a Researcher, Strategist and Facilitator. With over 20 years of experience and driven by a deep curiosity about change - how it happens and how it can be harnessed - I assist brands and businesses in identifying and exploiting opportunities for long-term growth. My approach is rooted in an in-depth understanding of consumer culture, a multi-disciplinary toolkit, and a passion for combining insights from different domains. I'm the founder and curator at Foresight Folk, a platform dedicated to a more farsighted decision-making, as well as the founder at Culture Dots, a service for cultural immersion. 

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege to work for or consult for a wide range of multinational brands, including Beiersdorf, Bauer Publishing, Bosch, Siemens, Bayer, Volkswagen, Google, Meta, Hewlett Packard, InterContinental, Marriott, and American Express. 

Helping businesses, agencies, and
start-ups thrive in an uncertain world. 

Futures Research

Whether you want to understand the shifting context you're in, your industry's potential future trajectories, or how new needs and behaviours present exploitable opportunities, futures research provides actionable insight and a sense of clarity to help you execute with confidence.

Foresight Training

Foresight broadens the scope of what's possible and enables businesses to strategise and innovate more effectively. In times of rapid change, it's a critical strategic resource. I help teams apply foresight systematically for a more farsighted and effective decision-making.

Ambient Foresight

Change is slow at first, then fast. It starts at the fringes and is less about tech and more about people - what they're experimenting with, what they're craving, and what they're suddenly into. I use immersion to help your team make sense of and tap into shifting culture to stay ahead of the curve.

Foresight Facilitation

To respond to emerging challenges and exploit opportunities, I facilitate strategy and innovation projects by leveraging your team's knowledge and insight. I assist your team in using foresight and provide strategic guidance to develop and implement successful solutions. 


Not only is change inevitable, it is also accelerating. Reacting to change is no longer enough. Today, organisations must adopt multiple strategies, from anticipation to experimentation to exploitation in order to gain from uncertainty and stay in control of their future.

Katharina Michalski

Change for me is an opportunity for personal growth. 

Katharina Michalski
Johanna Michalski

My great inspiration is my late grandmother, who at the age of 72 didn't return from a cruise to start a new life in a new country.

I see change as a teacher whose lessons guide me towards my purpose and as a force that strengthens my resilience.

Born in communist Poland and raised by parents who actively opposed the government, we moved to Hamburg just before the wall came down and communism collapsed. I didn't speak German at first, but I progressed through the German school system attending four different schools as a result.


During the dot-com boom, when talent was scarce, I was hired at a media agency despite having no qualifications. Along with other career jumpers and newcomers, I attended an evening course in marketing. My second job was as a media researcher at one of the leading magazine publishers. A weekend job and a move back with my parents helped me save money for my university education in Melbourne. After finishing my master's degree in advertising, I returned to Hamburg and started working in trend research at a renowned trend consultancy. With the opportunity to apply trend thinking to magazines, I returned to publishing just as the financial crisis and the rise of social media coincided to cause a major crisis. This experience made me opt for a more strategic role and I was eventually offered a position as a strategic planner in London.


After three years at a global agency, I went back to freelancing to absorb as much as possible from different contexts and disciplines. I also returned to university to pursue a degree in historical studies to learn how change occurred in the past, and I started Culture Dots. After nearly seven years in London, I relocated to Berlin, where, after a few stints in advertising and being laid off during Covid, I finally decided to follow what's been a red thread all along: helping businesses navigate transformational change.

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